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An Accounting

It's the last day of the month, and so time to reflect - on this month of blogging, of trying this whole 'fixed priorities = progress towards goals' malarkey.... Writing: a blog post every weekday So where are we? This is post 19 of a possible 21 weekdays in November. I missed 2, both in the first half of the month. I remember one being a night where I was just too tired to sit at a computer for another hour, but the other one had completely escaped me. In some ways, I think it has taken on a bit of momentum; in others, I know I'm not adhering to a coherent 'style' or type of content, and I do sometimes wonder if I've done anything I can write about. A couple of things did make it easier - finding a regular moment to do it, and setting up a folder on my phone that syncs to my laptop, so that I can transfer photos from one to the other easily. What I am pleased to find is a space where I can think things out. I used to be a note-taker, a list-maker, a scribb

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