Friday, 28 November 2008

And some NFOs/WIPs

Again, it's been ages since I posted, and as I feared, the WIPs are not really so much in progress as waiting to be finished....

Here goes. This is Miss Lambert's Shetland Lace Wrap (from Victorian Lace today):
which needs to have a stitch sewn in, and to be blocked. What did I learn while I made this? 1) That counting slipped stitches on edging, in order to attach a border, is harder than you think it is, and it's easier if you count them all out in advance and mark the relevant ones with safety pins. And 2) that a provisional cast-on (to be ripped out, and replaced with more border) should be knitted in a contrast colour, and therefore not black when the item in question is navy. I'm refusing to be a perfectionist on this one, though, so I'm very pleased with it :)

The other NFOs are Christmas knitting, so somewhat less ambitious. An Ice Queen (from knitty, but without the beads):

And some origami slippers (from the Knitting Pattern a Day calendar for 2007), all in one colour of Rowan Tapestry.
These were huge fun to knit, as they were last time (sometime last year), and seemed to go a lot quicker, too, so they're just waiting to have the ends sewn in.
And finally, a pair of Fetchings (again, knitty), using up bits of stash. These are still waiting for thumbs.

They're knitted from some mystery stash yarn (the darker purple), with bits of the Sublime Kid Mohair blend that I also used for the Ice Queen. This is partly because they're intended to be a set of presents, and partly because it makes for better stashbusting, and I wasn't sure how far the DK would go on it's own. I've made the 'fingers' slightly longer, and used the picot cast-off from Ice Queen (with the difference that I bound of 5 stitches in place of 2) for no other reason than that that was the one in my head at the time!

So, that's the knitting covered. I'm also going to be sewing for Christmas, but haven't quite started that yet, so will let you know how it goes.

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katie said...

the fetching look great, and i love the stole!