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Hitting the Wall - a collaboration, a sock, and some thoughts about... walls.

  Can you imagine a wall? What does it look like? How does it make you feel?When I thought about writing a post about the inspiration behind the Hitting the Walls socks, it struck me how laden with meaning walls are. Markers of geography, geology, environment, and class, walls are boundaries and intersections. The walls that feel familiar to you might be the coal-darkened sandstone of the North, or red bricks, or pink Malvern stone in the West Midlands and Herefordshire, or the golden sandstone of Bath, or dry-stone walls, or the multi-coloured bricks of Reading, but whatever they are made of, they also hold potential as that in-between space: do they hide a secret ( The Secret Garden has a lot to answer for), or a portal to another world (I'm thinking of The Silver Chair , but there are other walls that are not quite walls). So, it turns out I have quite a lot of thoughts about walls. If you're unfortunate, I'll expand upon them. For now, though, it is the figurative wal

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