Saturday, 9 June 2012

Knitting progress - two pairs of socks

It's finally official - I've finished two sock patterns, and they're now available here for your perusal. The first, Sunwise, uses a simple moss-rib stitch pattern to create columns which wend their way slowly around the leg and across the top of the foot.

Written in three sizes, this pattern was designed to be wearable by either sex, and for each sock in the pair to be identical, or symmetrical, as the wearer or knitter, desires. Will a symmetrical pair enable you to escape the dreaded second sock syndrome? Or would you like to choose between a Sunwise (clockwise) and Widdershins (anti-clockwise) pair?

Available through Ravelry or by clicking the button below for just £2

The second pattern is named for the gulls' evoked in the colourway so expertly designed by Juliet and for the simple lace pattern so familiar from the February Baby and Lady's Sweaters.  

Kittiwake combines this feminine, chevron lace with a twisted rib pattern and a slip-stitch heel which flow from its points. The heel flap splits the stitches unevenly, which may look peculiar while you're working it, but ensures a snug fit when the extra ease of the lace work comes into play.

Again, this is available through Ravelry, or through the button below for £2.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Walking, henning, and playing with fabric

It's been an  eventful spring here at Ruthcrafts HQ - the Bizart fair was lots of fun, and I very much enjoyed catching up with Mrs McIndoe and Tickled Pink's Ann, and getting to know Claire of Lily Mays and Jodie Edwards a little better! Fondant Fancies provided most excellent cake - I must make time to spend some Sunday afternoon tea-times with them soon.

Since then, I've been to two fantastic hen dos - very different, but both very fun! In preparation for the first, I and some old friends simply had to make a trip to the Malvern Quilt Show at the Three Counties showground. In fact, they made quite a trip, but its on my doorstep, so I had the added benefit of a beautiful walk in the early summer sunshine. Sadly, I failed to take any pictures on this occasion, but I have got a couple of shots from an earlier visit, when the weather was distinctly spring-like.

Then, I was heading in to the Creative Crafts show, which was full of a fascinating range of crafters of all kinds. This time, it was purely fabric indulgence, with a beautiful exhibition to round out the shopping experience.

The fabric purchased travelled home, and that very weekend, we spent a fabulous afternoon cutting and pinning and stitching and sipping and chatting, and the result was sixty beautiful metres of bunting to adorn the hen's reception venue in a very few weeks' time!

All that patchwork could hardly help but get me thinking, so this past week, I've been playing with my felt tips and stash, and I've come up with a (less-than-perfect - please don't look too closely!) little something to become a cushion sometime soon.