Wednesday, 9 September 2009

An outbreak of startitis

Having 'completed' a long-term project last time I posted, my weekend 'off' visiting the NEC and taking a bit of a break rapidly metamorphosed into something rather other. I should have predicted it - I was inspired by the FoQ, surrounded by amazing quilts, and came home with a small(ish) collection of fabrics. I had been becoming increasingly aware of the planned projects languishing in fabric or yarn form around the house. I was a bit bored with the moss stitch of the only big project on my needles, and the other WIP (an attempt at design) had gone from being a prototype to an error-ridden swatch, which (if I was honest with myself) needed to be ripped out and started again. All triggers, which I should probably have recognised, but didn't.

Those are the projects that were born of that one weekend. From left to right (front, then back): a half-monkey; the Wicked Eyelet Rib vest, with a number of modifications; BWOF pleated skirt; BWOF cord skirt; two shirts and a third skirt, as yet unsewn; a new pair of pyjamas; the 'coins' for my next quilt; the strips for the pieced back of that quilt... Progress on all of these is varied, but I'm pleased that none of them has stalled yet, and though I've got more new projects planned, I'm not starting anything new just now!

FO reports should follow shortly, but I'm off to wear the finished items, and present my (also finished in the last fortnight) conference paper in London this weekend... Wish me luck!

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