Sunday, 3 January 2010

Endings, and beginnings

Happy belated 2010 one and all! The end of 2009 just seemed to 'happen' to me, without very much attention paid to what was happening around me, what was being done, or what I was doing. Since the end of September I have been in a kind of stasis, waiting to hear what other people thought of what I have spent the last three years of my life working on: a doctoral thesis which is now officially over. In 2008 I chose not to apply for positions I could possibly have taken up in October, and I have therefore spent quite a lot of my time since September completing applications for next academic year. 2010 has continued in that theme, with more applications due, or in progress, and more rejections coming... on that front, a new beginning looks to be a little further away, but I am still hopeful, and am told that persistence / perseverance pays off in the end!

I have also finished my Christmas knitting and crafting - I made quite a lot of my presents this year, including socks, my first attempts at colourwork (Selbu modern), more hats, mitts, napkins, and a tea-cosy! Those done, I have started a pair of socks for me, and have a queue of birthday presents/ mother's day presents to get on with... I have also started to do a little bit of designing - my dad's Christmas socks were my own pattern this year, which feels like an achievement, and is something I want to do more of. As it's one of the few recent photos I have access to, here's a picture :)

Finally, and this is why this is such a belated post, our tenancy at the other house has ended, with another beginning, five minutes down the road. Not our choice, but we're happy now the move is over (and internet service has resumed)!

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