Monday, 29 March 2010

What makes a Sunday? or, A Weekend for Saturday-workers

  1. Brunch with a good friend you don't see very often
  2. Completing a project
  3. Which means that you keep a promise
  4. And spending some good time with friends you see all the time.
  5. Waking up to a new week with time to deal with errands before
  6. Getting a fun train to a place you like
  7. With a new podcast to listen to (Electric Sheep)
  8. Hearing about new and interesting things with mentions of other things that do make sense
  9. While catching up with family that you don't really know to
  10. Find that you can have really interesting conversations.
  11. Come home, again on the train (yes, I know they should not be fun anymore, but I like them!), in the light and
  12. Have enough time and energy to go through some of your actual work
  13. And work out a puzzle of geometry with paper so that you can replicate it soon with fabric.

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