Sunday, 6 February 2011

New Year, News, and New Projects

Last year brought a few significant changes.
In June, this happened:

In July, I got dressed up:

In August, I became a member of the team here.

And now 2011 is here. Time to start anew. I'm looking forward to it, although, as usual, I'm reeling somewhat from the very busy Christmas `break'. Now that we have returned from the no-longer-frozen-North, and recovered from the holiday, new projects are on the needles, and the drawing / sewing / daydreaming board. The biggest new project for 2010 (other than the Wedding, of which more later (no doubt), is a knit-along I'm running, both in 'real-life' through TKP, and on Ravelry... Knitting the Almanac 2011 started, as many of these things do, with an enthusiastic conversation about Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac, and has grown into a year-long knitting challenge. Personally, I'm envisaging the 12 projects as a series of adventures in knitting, requiring me to experiment, to attempt new things (like steeking), and giving me the gumption to try my hand at designing. As Jasmin from the Knitmore Girls has put it, EZ's patterns are sometimes less like patterns, and more like recipes - you might be able to follow them blindly and come out with a garment, but the intention behind them seems to be to get the knitter thinking, to teach a skill, rather than simple facts or knowledge, and to make our garments individual again. The January challenge - an Aran sweater - is well under way, and it's been really interesting to see how different knitters have taken the challenge on board in different ways. So far, I've seen hats, socks, jumpers, and dresses, all from the same jumping-off point! It should be fun - and as EZ herself says: "the rest of he designs in this book will now seem childishly simple"! February is baby things, so I'm making the February Baby Sweater, which I've been wanting to knit for ages, but there's lots of double-knitting going on, which sounds really interesting too.

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