Monday, 31 October 2011

So much to tell, so little time!

It's been a busy summer, and autumn, and as it gets darker earlier, I'm wearing more of my knits, and wanting to knit even more! So while it's all been rather quiet here on the records side (and as the Knit 1 Geek 2 girls and Knitmore Girls say, if there's no record, it didn't happen), there's been a lot happening behind the scenes... big changes, small changes, and new endeavours that might prove interesting. Sadly, my camera has gone awol (most vexing!), so I can't share my most up-to-date knitting adventures just now, but I thought you might enjoy a brief overview of recent highlights while I put together lengthier posts to explain them! Here goes: in August, as Liz promptly recorded, I married Mr P :). It was a beautiful, beautiful day, and I can't say how much it meant to be surrounded by all my best friends and family on such a momentous occasion. Rachel did a great job of capturing us all for posterity, too! Here's a quick glimpse of the bridesmaids:
and my favourite of me and Mr P:
and stay tuned for more details coming soon! At the very beginning of October, Juliet and I took part in the Earth Fest held at the Fold at Bransford. We took along some yarn, some patterns, and some knitting, and knit, and talked, and showed people knitting. How would you rather spend your Sunday? We were between the ladies doing this:
and the ladies doing this:
but have managed to take zero pictures of ourselves!

The Earth Fest was in some ways a taster for a new endeavour, if that isn't giving it too grand a term: I'm working on a series of knitting workshops / classes, and am in negotiations to teach them. At the moment, that's all I can tell you on that front, but what I can mention is that since I've been working out what I can teach, and how I could provide pattern support for that teaching, I've been doing some designing.

At the moment, all my available patterns are free, and on Ravelry, but again, watch this space, and I'll be sharing more in the next couple of weeks. It's been lots of fun, and I've even managed to rope Rachel (wedding photographer extra-ordinaire, and general star - expect to hear more about her too) into a photoshoot. (Please excuse the fact that I'm the model - it was a case of needs must!)

Well, I hope that's enough to whet your appetites, and I promise to bring you more detailed posts about the wedding, my actual knitting, and the new patterns shortly.

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