Friday, 9 March 2012

Secret plotty plots and the lovely Louise

Once again, it has been quiet, and once again (though it has been dreich and gloomy, and chilly, too), it's been in part because I've been part of a secret plot that I couldn't share!

This time, it's the plan of the lovely Louise, podcast-writer and presenter (and renewable energy businesswoman) from Caithness Craft Collective, who responded to my suggestion that I and Artist's Palette Yarns would like to send in a giveaway for her show by decreeing that I should be the first designer in her new Designer Alley feature.

If you're not already a Caithness listener and fan, do go and check her out - Louise is something of a textile technique expert, and talks about her quilting, textile artists' group and embroidery as well as her knitting. She regularly includes spotlights on particular textile techniques and elements of Scottish history and culture, as well as a whisky review by her husband. That, plus lots of humour, and knitting news, and what more could you ask for? A designer interview? Well, she's got that sorted as of this week, and here's the link for the show I feature in. I almost can't believe it!

Louise will also be hosting a knitalong for my Allegra or Alletta pattern in her group on Ravelry (and I'll be hovering to help with any queries), so do give it a listen, and know that if you feel like joining in, you'd be very very welcome!

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