Friday, 7 November 2014

Jormungandr: Socks

These socks are named for the mythological snake and son of Loki - the Midgard Serpent who encircles the world, holding his tail in his mouth. As an Ouroboros, as well as being in some ways the beginning and ending of the world itself, he himself is never-ending, a symbol of eternity. And so, when it came to naming a detailed pair of socks centred on a sinuous combination of cables and mock cables, he seemed an appropriate choice.

 Ideally suited to a semi-solid or solid sock yarn, this is a project to conjure autumn nights: long evenings in front of a fire, with a special fibre in a jewel-like colourway. The finished item is intricate and elegant, whether worn hidden in your winter boots, or on show.

The ribbed texture ensures that cables and mock cables alike spring from the surface of the knit, while also making them fit a wide range of sizes, though instructions are included for medium and large versions. Both charted and written instructions are included throughout the design, for rib, cuff, heel flap and foot sections in order to ensure clarity and ease of reference.

The samples were knit in Artists Palette Yarns Smoothie Sock (Blue), which can be found in small batches through etsy, and in Eden Cottage Yarns Pendle 4ply in the Sand colourway, and these wonderfully tonal and surprisingly subtle semi-solids allow the pattern to really shine through.

Available in Medium and Large ladies sizes, these would, I think, also suit a man with discerning taste.

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