Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Picking up a Work that has been long in Progress

How old is your oldest WIP? When do you start the counter? When you cast it on? When you put that skein aside with a plan to knit the project? Or when you welcomed the skein into your stash?

This latter might seem extreme, but the story of the project I'm now trying to resurrect starts then: when Felicity Ford arranged a dyeing workshop to celebrate Liz's hen do in 2011 (she blogged about it here), and I dyed a skein of sparkling lace-weight in a range of greens.

That skein sat patiently waiting for a project to come along until some time in late 2012/ early 2013, when I finally wound it into a cake, and embarked on Laminaria (inspired at least in part by Leslie of the KnitGirllls, whose Shipwreck Shawl is amazing). I clearly started some knitting at this point... and then it languished.

I decided last year that I wanted to pick it up again, and definitely made progress, completing all of the first chart. On the train / train / tram / bus journey to my accommodation for the recent Joeli's Kitchen Retreat, knit, and ripped, and knit, and ripped, and counted, and decided I must be in the transition chart, and knit again. And I'd just worked out where I was with the chart when I arrived at my destination, and realised that there would be no opportunity for complex lace over a weekend of conversations. Since then, I've been prioritising some tiny knits (which will be shown off once their recipients are here to receive them), and it's only now that I've a bit of time ahead, and (confession:) am stuck with Second Sock syndrome that I've decided this is the moment to work out exactly where I am.

So, expect rude words, and ripping, and counting, and a possible bout of startitis if I fail to stick to it!

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