Friday, 4 November 2011

FO Friday

Time for some knitting! This is a project I started on my way to my hen party in Manchester (thanks Maz!) on 2nd July, having been too busy on the 1st to begin the July portion of the Almanac knitalong. I did (madly) think that I might get it finished in order for it to qualify for the Knitgirllls' Stash Dash, but the Big Blue Blob of Doom (as it came to be referred to) soon grew to a size at which rows became rather long, and rather slow to complete.

It's knit from 100g Old Maiden Aunt merino/silk laceweight in the moody colourway that I bought at the first Ravelry day in Coventry, and then looked at for two years before winding it into a skein and casting on.

The pattern is essentially EZ's July Pi, with my own insertions of lace patterns. For those who are interested, I worked the very centre exactly according to EZ's instructions, inserting the Flower motifs (from a stole pattern in Victorian Lace Today) into the 72st section. After the next increase round (to 144 sts) I had to do a little maths, knitting two rounds plain, and one round of [*K47, Kfb, repeat from *] to end up with 147 sts so that I could work 5 repeats of the Gull Lace pattern used in the February Baby Sweater, followed by another 2 rounds plain, and the increase to 294 sts. I then knit 3 rounds plain, and decreased 4 sts regularly around the 4th round to end up with 290 sts, so that I could work 5 repeats of a Horseshoe lace pattern from A Gathering of Lace, increase 4 sts regularly around the next round, and knit 4 rounds plain. Time for another increase round, to 576 sts, and an immediate shift to a diamond lace pattern that I altered from one found in Knitted Lace of Estonia, which I repeated 3 1/2 times (96 rounds), until I reached the point for the next (and final) increase round. Increase round worked, I knit 1 round plain, and cast off (on a larger needle to try to ensure stretchiness of cast-off edge).

Despite initial suggestions that it might be a shower cap, it now measures 135cm across. Yay!

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Liz said...

Wow! that's hugely impressive. Congratulations on finishing.