Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A First Finished Object of 2013

After that brief glimpse of the chaos that is my works-in-progress basket (I've hidden it behind the sofa in the spare room / office now that it's an office again), I decided to focus my knitting time. For Christmas, a small batch of owls was created, which I'll share when I retrieve the pictures from the relevant camera, but as we weren't to see my family until Twelfth Night, there was one final gift that got put off until later. My sister now has a walk to work, and asked for a bobble hat to ward of the winter chill. My sister is a very cool person, and so a vital element of any pattern, particularly for a bobble hat, was a definite sense of style. A Ravelry search later, (DK, hat, female, knit, available for download or in my library) and I'd found my stylish knit: Tears of Bronze (Ravelry link) in Rico Fashion DK (German manufacturer's link). It turned out, one ball was plenty, both for the hat, and for the additional pompom!

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