Thursday, 24 January 2013

A Tour of the Oubliette

The Knitmore Girls recently referred to the collection of works that remain to be completed as in the oubliette, projects that have been pushed away to be forgotten, ideally in the dark, dank pits of their own misery. My work in progress basket is not quite such a dim place, since it is mostly inhabited by perfectly nice projects that have simply been put down for a moment when a deadline looms, or a different type of knitting is required. That said, when you run out of needles because you've got them all in other projects, and when you're contemplating making another set of project bags so that you'll have something to put the freshly-cast on piece of lacework into, it's probably time that some of those perfectly nice projects were brought into the light, shaken out a little, and aired for inspection.

With that in mind, here is a photo similar to the one I showed you just before Christmas (not for the monogamously knitting faint-of heart):

And here's a quick tour of what's in it:
A: My KnitNation 2011 project bag, holding a big project which is now happily completed, but awaiting a proper 'reveal'.
B: My made-by-me tetrahedron zipper bag, which contains Devon (by Cookie A) in EasyKnits Deeply Wicked (in a colourway called Grape); the cuff of one sock
C: A bag given to me by my mum, containing Daisy by Kim Hargreaves; really only just started (I had tension problems, and had to re-start, in my defence!)
D: One of my "Knitting Parlour" bags, which houses a stealth sock (my design); one cuff, but needing lots of concentration at this stage.
E: A made-by-me larger zipped bag, holding one of the two KTA projects that I didn't ever finish - the Nether Garments. I'm hoping to resurrect this as legwarmers, sometime.

Devon. Yes, it is that bright.

F: My second "Knitting Parlour" bag, which hides my first ever pieces of crochet. I came back from the workshop energised and inspired, and sat down and knit. I will pick this up at some point. I hope.
G: A carrier bag (see previous point about making new project bags) which houses some dyed-by-me yarn destined to become Laminaria. I started it, but realised I had too much going on.
H: Shudder. This is one of the first bags I made myself, and is definitely hiding. Hiding a design project that didn't quite work, and needs reworking. Possibly from scratch.
I: Happy bag! I love this project bag - it's my prototype 'large square-bottomed bag', and works really well, plus it's made out of a remnant of fabulous Kaffe Fassett fabric. And it's got my next big project in it: the Gnarled Oak Cardigan by Alana Dakos from Coastal Knits. Which I won in a Knitter contest. Knit out of some of the same yarn that I used for my Manu cardigan, but dyed by me with Juliet. This is about half done.

And finally,
K (oops, no J!): The Selkie project bag I bought from Old Maiden Aunt at KnitNation, which holds the remnants of my other Christmas knitting: Mini Cordell Christmas decorations, of which I made four. And have photos of: none.

So there you are: hardly full of monstrosities with unfortunate complexions, and yet, so many projects. I am working to reduce them. How about we visit the oubliette again in a little while, and see where we have got to?

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