Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Allegra / Alletta: a pair of small shawls

Alletta: a top-down oblique triangle shawlette worked mostly in stocking stitch, with a diamond lace edging. Alletta is a relatively simple knit, which grows quickly, and works well in a range of solid and semi-solid - or even, as you can see, self-striping - yarns! It takes about 400m of a fingering weight yarn.

But that's not all. Alletta is one of a pair of shawls, the other being Allegra. Using the same lace pattern, and knit from the top down once again, Allegra is a right-angled triangle shawlette with all-over lace work. Needing about 400m of fingering weight yarn, Allegra is a great use for a precious semi-solid yarn with a little drape. The sample shown here was knit using Artist's Palette Smoothie Sock, which is a beautiful, beautiful yarn, and very easy to work with.

Either of these small shawls would be a great intermediate lace knit - whether you like a relatively plain knit in stocking stitch but with a bit of interest at the end, or whether you prefer to work out the lace pattern over a small number of stitches first, to gain familiarity before you embark on the bigger project.

Alletta/Allegra: a pair of shawls: £3.00

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