Friday, 26 September 2014


If you look at the stash, you might think there was no need to add to it; considering the UFO oubliettes, you might conclude that I'm working on plenty of projects.

Sometimes, though, it isn't the right yarn at the right moment, for the right project. Sometimes you need to knit something very specific (a simple, small, shawl in a nearly-solid neutral). And sometimes, Eden Cottage Yarn posts photos of yarn and builds up temptation a drop at a time until you simply must buy all the yarn, right now!

So this was a project born out of that desire to just get something knit – to finish a project, to add to the wardrobe, to achieve something simple and practical.

Started on a train, it was finished within a fortnight, and pressed into service. Though I've knitted the Alletta pattern several times before, and I do like the variegated versions, I think this is my favourite – the yarn has a soft halo and a beautiful drape to it, while being woolly and robust enough for me to simply grab and go.

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