Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A Me-Made Day

I haven't yet picked up the courage to try any of the 'me-made' alongs or similar outfit challenges relating to sewing, partly because I'm really bad at getting my wardrobe organised enough for it to work, and partly because the majority of my dressmaking has made exactly that: dresses. Wearing dresses for a whole month with English weather and the demands of work / travel / tights just doesn't seem like a very good idea.

Over the last few weeks, though, circumstances (some unexpected time off, sunny weather, a fantastic event in mind) conspired to create at least one fully made-by-me outfit.

Here you see me in: my Minoru jacket and Alletta shawl over the excitingly-named 'Shirt 113' from Burda Style (June 2013), and 'Trapezoid Skirt 121, also from Burda Style (June 2013). Plus the bag was made and drafted by me - to fit keys, phone, wallet, mp3player, kindle and small knit. It does ok, but I should have added a button closure / zip for the phone pocket.

A few notes:

In a rare fit of courage, I have finally (and I mean finally, I have been buying jersey for 4 years now) made something with knit fabric! And not just one something, but two (there's a striped version of this top which I wore on the same weekend, but was not photographed). The Burda tshirt has the added detail of princess seams and cap sleeves which necessitate binding the lower armscye, but once I'd made sse of the directions, and like with the neck binding I found this much easier on a knit fabric than it would have been on a woven.

The cord skirt is a regular favourite in my wardrobe, and I find the item generally transitions from home to workwear well in the autumn / winter season. This one has the benefit of hip-yoke pockets, which are useful despite sitting slightly oddly on me, and is written to include welt pockets on the back, as well as belt loops. Neither of these two features seemed conducive to a successful project in my timeframe, though I do still intend to add the belt loops, since this skirt is designed to sit an inch below one's natural waistline, which on me just feels a tad low.

I love my Minoru, and am starting to think I should make another jacket. The Robson? Something from Burda? I have a number of their coat issues, and rather like the idea of a pea coat, but don't really want to work with something massively heavy. Any suggestions? What's your favourite autumn cover-up?

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