Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Messy Tuesday, or Work in Progress

In a blast from the dim and distant past, I have remembered the tradition of Messy Tuesdays. They existed because in a blogosphere that sometimes becomes sanitised and rather carefully posed, it is worth remembering that actually, we're all living our own lives, at our own paces, and we shouldn't be discouraged from sharing that simply because we don't 'match up' to some unattainable standard.

Today is Tuesday, and I've spent the last couple of weeks dashing hither and yon, and finding that lighting is lacking, and housework and filing just too much to find time for. My brief flurry of blog posts seemed about to dwindle again, waiting for the moment when my life matched up to the calm, attractive and serene standards of the true craftblogger... but that isn't going to happen, so here I am, and here's my knitting.

For those monitoring #WIPCrackAway progress, thus far, I have succeeded in resisting the urge to cast on any extra projects, and the image above is the toe of my first Christmas sock. It's a very simple vanilla sock with cable detail, which I add mostly to stop me getting bored when knitting on the train, but also to stop me having to count rows or measure accurately to keep each sock the same lengthm, either in cuff or in foot.

In case the recipe's of any use: Cast on your usual number of stitches; work in 2 x 2 rib for 12/14 rows, place marker for start of round. Row 1: K2, P1, K8, P1, K to end. Repeat row 1 three times, then work cable row: K2, P1, C4F, C4B, P1, K to end. Continue in this way, working cable row every fourth row, inserting a heel of your choice when you wish, and later, the toe of your preference.

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