Friday, 23 December 2011

:: 13 :: Glad tidings of all

I love getting Christmas cards, but I'm generally a terrible correspondent, and most years, haven't actually received enough for it to be worth working out a 'display solution'. Perhaps it's a sign of getting older, perhaps it's just that we have so many networks of friends now, but in either case, I've enjoyed receiving news from friends and family near and far. And they gave me an excuse to break out the Christmassy ribbons, craft pegs and mini decorations. I rather like my festive bookcase! If you look closely (apologies for the awful light in the picture), you may even spot a couple of seasonal birds and hearts, and the products of my August Knitting the Almanac-along; Christmas fiddle-faddle in the woods produced a pair of Rico cotton stars, which felt most at home here.

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