Saturday, 24 December 2011

:: 20 - 23 :: a festive home selection

Just a little selection of the festive elements in the house at the moment.

[20] is probably the most history-full. He's Beartje - the bear I've had since I was born, and he's been living in that little stocking/scarf combo for longer than I care to think about. The stocking was one of the first things I remember making on a sewing machine - at a Craft Class at Burnley Mechanics that I attended from about 8 - 15 (ish). 7 years of Saturday mornings in the basement making things. Yay! He's also wearing a very fetching scarf - my first piece of knitting. It's all of 16 years old, so I think it isn't doing badly. The badge is a souvenir of one of Felix's earlier projects, the Missability Radio Show.

[21] is my current knitspot - the sofa is usually a more muted brown, but even it has been overtaken by the spirit of the season. The knitting is a second sleeve. All will become clear before the new year (I hope!)

[22] Our tree this year. I love it. I'd like to add a little more colour for future years, but there are a few handmade touches in there.

[23] is one of them. This little fellow is from a lovely Little Cotton Rabbits pattern released for Christmas a couple of years ago. Julie's knitting is amazing, and this is a fab little pattern - I made two bears and a bunny for my family, though I don't know what happened to the others.

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